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Private Wellness Guidance

Wellness guiding based on YOUR unique body & lifestyle needs

  • YOU are built with a unique life circumstance, body, passions, struggles, goals, etc.. Thus, the details of your wellness practices will be made up specially for YOU.
  • I will guide you based on the sciences around Whole Foods, Ayurveda, Meditation + Mindfulness, Yoga + other forms of exercise, Journaling, Sleep + Rest.
  • Together, we will develop your personal "Wellness Booklet," which you can always turn to for inspiration and reminders.
  • These wellness sessions can include:

*Open dialogue of where you are in your journey

*Kitchen Time, in which I teach you how to make convenient, affordable and healthy meals based on what your body is needing in that moment.

**We can hold this sacred conversation virtually or at my home on James Island. For a higher price, and depending due to driving time, we can hold this conversation at your home or a public space around Charleston. Within 24 hours of your registration, I will send you an email, inquiring how you want to meet. If virtually, I will send you a link right away.
**On the website, it works best for me if you schedule a week in advance. However, if you email or call me personally, I can usually book you in a shorter time frame.