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Kitchen Time - 4 Pack

Are you wanting to cook more healthy + creatively, without having to go to the store for specific ingredients or follow a recipe every time you want to make a meal?

I was raised in the kitchen, expected to spend family time during the prep, eating and cleaning of a meal. Sometimes it was frustrating, but it taught me so much of what I know about cooking food that just makes you feel good. In playing around on my own over the years, I have since made the cooking process into my own style by adding the flavor while keeping the food as natural as possible, incorporating the science of Ayurveda + throwing something together on a whim (rather than dwelling on what's for dinner all day).

I believe that we can cook mouth-watering meals without breaking the bank, the healthy diet or taking too much time out of the day.

I can teach you how to:

*Be more confident in the kitchen.

*Joyfully cook meals that you & your loved ones will thoroughly enjoy.

*Turn your favorite feel-good meals into ones that are healthy for body + soul

*Flip leftovers into a completely different dish so that you actually want to eat leftovers (and THAT is the biggest money saver!).

**This 4 pack will expire after four months of purchase, but you can choose to use it as quick as you'd like.

**Kitchen Time can be done virtually, at my home on James Island, or your home for a higher price due to driving time. Within 24 hours of your registration, I will send you an email, inquiring how you want to meet. If virtually, I will send you a link right away.

**On the website, it works best for me if you schedule a week in advance. However, if you email or call me personally, I can usually book you in a shorter time frame.