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Student reflections post chakra-yin practice


SAT JUN 27, 2020

"Thank you so much for the practice this evening. I always feel so refreshed after your yin class! Today's practice gave me an opportunity to slow down and turn inward. I especially liked the theme (I have a genuine interest in the gut/brain connection). The back openers were helpful to counteract bad posture. The timing was good -counting our breaths per minute was helpful in staying grounded. And despite the class being virtual your voice still comes across very soothing (wonderful for a yin class) & has a good cadence. I like the "between now and three breaths from now" transition that you sometimes do. I [also] like learning which poses/postures are associated with solar plexus chakra & how they relate to/can help with physical conditions. I always enjoy savasana & liked the story/poem this evening."

- Mary Lawrence McAfee