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Student Compliments


SAT FEB 01, 2020

With yoga teaching being a practice of great vulnerability, it is always heartening to receive feedback as to how students respond to what we share as teachers. I grew and learned so much by visiting with my spiritually enlightened yoga student, who became a friend in no time. When we can see that the same light is within us, an endless amount of expansion and realization is possible.

October 16, 2019

"I think what I meant is that I'm feeling really sad that you're leaving this area (and me).  In 2 1/2 years, I feel like I'm just getting the benefits of yoga (internally and externally) for which I am very grateful. It took me that long to be open enough to ask for more personal help by asking you to practice privately with me.

You have given me permission to accept and be myself in whatever shape I've created.  You're compassionate and empathetic and, not to mention, very skilled at Asana practice along with the spiritual component which drives Yoga.

This practice, along with Meditation is helping me see, know and experience the only real me, the true source inside.  Yoga supports that entirely and slows my monkey mind long enough to actually enjoy the process of  (very) patient transformation.  I'm believing that, in time, I'll see myself in a much brighter light.

Thank you, Evan, for your presence.  I'm very grateful for you and your help to me.

I will surely miss you.

Love, Judy Dearborn"