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THU OCT 22, 2020

I get what it is to feel anxious or depressed from the weight of life; to have racing thoughts or heavy dreams ruin a night’s sleep; to have to work at keeping a healthy weight; to crave the numbing of wine after a hard day (or really anything that can distract from feeling/listening); to regret actions or words from impulsivity; to hear the inner voice "you are not enough of x, y, z”; the challenge of learning how to balance a spiritually conscious lifestyle with the chosen lifestyle of loved ones and society. ⁠

I also get what is necessary to come back to my most conscious and positive self – that of undeniable joy, love, compassion, play and gratitude for all that comes with this BEAUTIFUL LIFE OPPORTUNITY. I have been searching for these “coming back” outlets since I was a child – started journaling my emotions at 8, running at 10, yoga at 15, awareness of consumption habits at 23, mindfulness through meditation at 26, and still digging deep at 31. That said, after 20 years of practicing methods to keep my “inner child” happy, I have FINALLY learned the tricks that work for ME! I have to practice consistently - always have and probably always will - in order to be this best self. The good news is that it's getting easier to "catch" myself and guide my way out of old habits (like noticing the craving for wine or ice cream before automatically grabbing for it, then consciously choosing to get on my mat, make a healthy dessert or call a loving friend as an alternative). It starts with having the awareness of your tendencies in the first place, doing the self-study to learn where they come from, and consciously choosing what will make you feel better in the long run (as opposed to the quick fix).

This path IS NOT about staying on the “straight and narrow” – that lifestyle would be too boring and unfulfilling for people like us who want to BE IN AND FEEL LIFE TO ITS FULLEST! However, IT IS about working with the ebb and flow of life, just like we do in the asana practice. IT IS about being moved from the inside~out, in the same way that the physical body is guided by the energetic body on the mat (ie. moving with the breath). IT IS about being aware of your boundaries and recognizing when you’re drifting too far into dangerous territory – and being okay with the fact that your danger zone might be different from other people’s.

In working with you on your Be*Well*Transformation (BWT), my aim is to help you find-tune your skills in “coming back” to YOU, to that space where you feel presence, gratitude and all the associated good stuff. You can expect for me to share meditation, movement, food tips (from Ayurveda and Whole 30) and inspirational books/authors/leaders that will benefit you from WHERE YOU ARE NOW. Since you are completely unique with unique life circumstances, experiences, passions, struggles, and perspectives, the details of each specific wellness practice will be made up specially for you – and we can omit the practices that you are not ready to move towards! That means that if things change as you continue on this path, we will then alter the details. Ebb and flow, in and out, we are on this journey together.