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Ayurveda On The Mat


SAT OCT 10, 2020

Looking back through 2019-2020 Journal

Entry from January 2020

Yoga Class at EBY

Before we begin, tell yourself: “I am safe. I am enough. I am strong. I am open.”

Believe those words to be true – they are true.

Welcome to your practice. Welcome to you.

A challenge in this yoga practice, in this life, is to accept ourselves as we are in the here and now –accepting the good and bad as the reality from which it began.

With that in mind – I invite you to scan your whole self—mind, body, energy. As you do so, ask yourself – do I feel heavy, light or something else? Is my mind stuck on one thing, is it all over the place, or something else? Is my heart pounding, can I barely feel it in my chest or something else? Is my breath rapid, calm, or something else?

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, teaches how to find balance through taking in the opposite of what you feel or crave. Though the natural tendency is to grasp for things we crave and run from that which we find offensive, that often create tension and imbalance.

I invite you to let yourself be guided from the opposite energy of what you’re feeling. If you are heavy, slow or stuck – push yourself more than inclined and focus on lifting up out of the postures. If you are feeling light, rapid, spacey – move a little slower than inclined and focus on grounding down into the postures.

Throughout – pay attention to the fluctuations of the mind. Come to your natural state, one of steadiness and ease, perfect balance. Notice the tendency and adopt the less dominant force.